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What is included in our K-1 visa full legal representation service?

Our full legal representation service is the traditional immigration lawyer service where we represent you in your entire case. This service typically includes:

  • We advise you on whether the K-1 fiance visa is the best immigration option for you
  • We advise you on what supporting documents should be included in each application package throughout the entire process – from initial I-129F petition through green card application
  • We prepare your I-129F petition and submit it to USCIS
  • We prepare your DS-160 application and advise you on what documents to include in your K-1 visa consular application
  • We assist you in preparing for your K-1 fiance visa interview
  • We prepare your adjustment of status application after you get married and submit it to the government
  • We prepare you for your adjustment of status interview (if one is scheduled)
  • We prepare the responses to any USCIS correspondence, such as Requests for Evidence
  • We are available throughout the process to answer your questions during office appointments, phone calls, Skype calls and email correspondence

How does this compare to our consultation services? Consultation services focus is on solving a single problem or challenge and typically do not involve assistance with a wide range of issues. Consultation services are limited in nature.

What is the fee for our K-1 visa full legal representation service?

For most cases, our attorney fee is $2,500. This fee includes I-129F petition process, K-1 visa consular processing and the adjustment of status green card application after you get married.

If any children are included in the application, there typically will be an additional attorney fee of $250 per child.

In addition to the attorney fee, you should also expect the following expenses as you go through the process:

  • $535 I-129F filing fee
  • $265 K-1 visa fee (plus $265 for each child obtaining a visa)
  • Medical exam costs
  • $1,225 I-485 filing fee (for the principal applicant)
  • Additional I-485 filing fees will be needed if children are also applying for green cards with their parent ($750 if child is under age 14 and $1,225 if child is age 14 or greater)

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